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NZB Karaka Book 1 Sale

28 - 30 January, 2024

Lot 13
Tagaloa x Diamondsandbubbles b.c.

Lot 32
Circus Maximus x Duchessofcambridge b.c. 

Lot 41 
Circus Maximus x Emily Margaret b.f. 

Lot 116 
Written By x Gypsy Snitz ch.f. 

Lot 121 
Microphone x Head Over Boots b.f. 

Lot 125
Pride of Dubai x Helluva Crown b.c.

Lot 183 
Trapeze Artist x Le Ciel br.c. 

Lot 187
Proisir x Leigh Valley b.c.

Lot 207
Circus Maximus x Mangaroa Flo Jo b.f. 

Lot 231 
Too Darn Hot x Miss Challenger b.f. 

Lot 254
Ocean Park x Namurian Sunset b.c.

Lot 255 
All Too Hard x Natural Selection b.f.

Lot 280
Hello Youmzain x Our Abbadean b.f. 

Lot 286
Admire Mars x Overreactive b.c.

Lot 322
King of Comedy x Potions ch.c. 

Lot 355
Tarzino x Rocks for Me b.f. 

Lot 395 
Almanzor x Shenandoah b.c. 

Lot 399 
Circus Maximus x She's Slinky ch.c.

Lot 425 
Pierro x So You Merge b.f. 

Lot 488 
Contributer x Tiffany Gem b.c. 

Lot 505
The Autumn Sun x Valley Girl b.c. 

Lot 517
Savabeel x Vihari b.f. 

Lot 558 
Turn Me Loose x Aiguille b.c. 

Lot 566
King's Legacy x Allure b.f. 

Lot 577 
Turn Me Loose x Angel Child b.f.

Lot 603 
Bivouac x Beela Hudood b.f. 

Lot 638 
Sweynesse x Champagne Katie b.c. 

Lot 640
Hellbent x Champalou b.c. 

Lot 654 
Almanzor x Choice b.f. 

Lot 667 
Dundeel x Conch gr.f. 

Lot 680 
Hello Youmzain x Crescendo b.c. 

Karaka Book 2 Sale

31 January - 2 February, 2024

Lot 760 
Tarzino x Hei Matau br.c. 

Lot 772 
King of Comedy x Island Bay Girl b.c. 

Lot 900
King of Comedy x Press Week b.c. 

Lot 922 
Ghaiyyath x Romantic Whisper b.c. 

Lot 941
Yes Yes Yes x Search Approach b.c. 

Lot 1042 
Darci Brahma x Wannabe Royale b.c. 

Lot 1084
King of Comedy x Bay Meadows b.c. 

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